Eyeliner Tattoo Perth

Professional Eyeliner Tattoo from Perth to Complement Your Eye Shape

Whether you want a fine, subtle look or a more dramatic eyeliner tattoo, our Perth beauty therapist is experienced and skilled. You will get the perfect cosmetic tattoo, tailored to your eye shape and personal preference so you can reap the benefits of no longer needing to apply eyeliner daily.

Common Mistakes People Make with Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner in Perth

Be sure to avoid these common mistakes before getting your cosmetic eyeliner tattoo:

  • Leaving in your lash extensions: It is essential that you remove your lash extensions at least a few days before having cosmetic ink applied. This simple step will prevent the glue and false lashes from interfering with the application of the cosmetic ink. However, once your liner has settled, you are free to reapply your lash extensions.
  • Taking blood thinners before your appointment: Although bleeding is a rare occurrence, we recommend you stop taking any blood thinners three days prior to getting your eyeliner tattoo. Also, it is important that you talk to your doctor should you have any conditions that decrease your immune system and your body’s ability to heal efficiently.
  • Wearing contact lenses during the procedure: To avoid damage to your eyes and the surrounding area, you must remove your contact lenses for the procedure. While your eyeliner tattoo settles, it is best that you wear your glasses until your eyes have healed or returned to their pre-tattooed condition.

We provide a full range of pre-procedure criteria to ensure the best outcome for your eyeliner tattoo and we abide by council, health and insurance regulations.

Tips Regarding Permanent Eyeliner in Perth

Consider these tips to help you be better prepared for your permanent eyeliner procedure:

  • Eyeliner styles: We have different eyeliner styles to ensure that you get the one that suits you the best. These styles include the tightline which places pigment between the layers of your eyelashes for a subtle look, as well as a thicker looking cosmetic tattoo. However, we will tailor your eyeliner to suit the shape of your eyes and facial features.
  • You need it re-touched: Although the name suggests that a permanent eyeliner tattoo should last forever, this is not the case. The eyeliner tattoo places pigment in the top layers of your skin and will last about one to three years before you need a touch-up.
  • Healing Time: You can go about your usual routine once you have received your eyeliner tattoo and you will not be restricted from driving home. You will notice a curative period of about three to seven days, or up to ten days with a thicker eyeliner. It is advisable to avoid putting on makeup such as mascara around your eyes to prevent infection as your tattoo heals.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use ibrows by Kelly

Kelly is a qualified dermal therapist with extensive experience in the styling and application of cosmetic tattoos. With more than 18 years of experience in the beauty industry and strict adherence to health guidelines; you can feel confident to contact us today to book your appointment for an eyeliner tattoo.