Esmi Anti-Wrinkle Me Solution Bundle



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Introducing the Anti-Wrinkle me Solution Bundle for Ageing Skin Concerns

Products include:

-Uncomplicated cleanser
– Golden Anti-Ageing Serum
– 24k Gold Nourishing Oil
– Detoxifying Exfoliating Charcoal Serum
– Ultra Nourishing Booster Mask 150ml
– Applicator Mask Brush
– Liquid Mineral Foundation Sample (Choose between Light, Medium or Tan)

Uncomplicated Cleanser 100ML
The Uncomplicated Cleanser was designed to be exactly that. Won’t strip your skin of good bacteria or natural oils, balances skin and oil flow. Start your morning right and wash off your day with this gentle good-for-your-skin cleanser suitable for all skin types.

Golden Anti-Ageing Serum

Anti-ageing serum contains peptides which are great for targeting wrinkles but also has Vitamin C. We’re talking great for repair and for brightening the skin. This one is water based though so it will absorb completely which is why we also suggest the 24K Gold oil.

24k Gold Nourishing Oil

24K gold oil will become your moisturiser. You only apply 2-3 drops of this one at a time. This is to balance your oil flow and to soften the skin – best moisturiser ever, HIGHLY recommend!

Detoxifying Exfoliating Charcoal Serum

The charcoal is your exfoliation. It will help to get rid of dead skin which can make your skin look dull. It also will get rid of dead skin cells that can trap all the good ingredients and keep them from getting in. Also great for blackheads and brightening too! Making skin look fresh all day long!

Ultra Nourishing Booster Mask with Green Tea extract 150ml

An ultra-nourishing booster mask with Green Tea extract designed to nourish your skin. This is the ultimate mask if your skin is dry. Packed with antioxidants to feed the skin. Anti-inflammatories to calm those with redness in skin.

Liquid foundation Samples (2x5ml)

Choose Light, Medium or Tan and we will include 2 different foundation shades

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