Feather Touch Brows Perth

Get a Natural Look with Feather Touch Brows in Perth

You will get a shapely and enhanced natural look with feather touch brows from our Perth dermal therapist. We will follow your natural hairline and colour to fill in your eyebrows and give you a tailored shape that suits your eyes and other facial features.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Feather Eyebrow Tattoo in Perth

Consider these tips to get the most out of your eyebrow feathering in Perth, by our experienced dermal therapist:

  • Avoid hair removal around the brow: Eyebrow feathering is more suited to those who have naturally full brows. This procedure will work to fill in any naturally sparse areas in your eyebrow and give it a fuller and lusher look. It is essential to avoid any form of hair removal, such as tweezing or waxing around your eyebrow for a few weeks before your appointment for best results.
  • Subtle or dramatic: Feathered tattooing works to blend in amongst your existing hair for a natural look. You can opt for a subtle look, or to have a dramatic change as we remodel your eyebrows with intricate etching and tattooing.
  • Skin Type: You will have pigment implanted in the outer layer of your skin that will last between 9 and 18 months. Clients who have drier skin commonly retain the pigment more effectively than those with oilier skin. It is best to avoid skincare with “active” ingredients, as this will affect your feather touch brows and perhaps cause them to fade quicker.

Problems ibrows by Kelly Addresses

We provide a custom experience when you visit for an eyebrow appointment, because we know that no two people are the same.


  • Client requests: Our experienced cosmetic tattooist will assess your eyebrows’ natural shape and facial features before the procedure to determine the best outcome. However, we will also talk with you to get a better understanding of what you hope to achieve, what you do and don’t like and measure the exact shape before feathering begins.
  • Pain During the Procedure: To help make you more comfortable during the tattooing procedure, we will administer some anaesthetic cream over the eyebrows to numb the area. We apply this cream about 20 minutes before cosmetic tattooing to ensure your procedure will be pain-free.
  • Retouches: We recommend a retouch visit about 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment to ensure that there are no sparse areas and you get the best result after you have healed. We will also give you aftercare cream to help the healing process, of which this and the retouch appointment is all included in the initial cost of your treatment.

You will enjoy the comfort of our private home studio that is child-friendly and where we offer excellent customer service.

Why You Should Use ibrows by Kelly

Our tattooist is qualified and experienced in the latest techniques of feather touch tattooing on Perth clients. We maintain council, health and insurance regulations within our private, personal and professional home studio. Contact us today for a natural look, with feather touch eyebrows in Perth.