Lip Tattoo in Perth

Discover the Benefits of a Lip Tattoo in Perth with Kelly

If you want to define your lips and add some soft colour, then a lip tattoo in Perth may be a more permanent answer than applying lip liner three times a day. Feel confident and gorgeous with defined, luscious lips that will be absolutely kissable.

What You Can Expect from ibrows by Kelly Regarding a Permanent Lip Tattoo in Perth

Kelly aims to be completely professional in all aspects; her goal is to always provide you with top-quality treatments to make you feel incredible.

  • Kelly is a dermal therapist, which means that she can provide you with many services such as eyebrow styling, cosmetic and paramedical tattooing, scalp micropigmentation and more. Kelly has over 18 years of experience and she is fully qualified to give you high-quality treatments.
  • Kelly believes that beauty comes from the inside but that your outer beauty can be enhanced to give you a confidence boost, and make you feel even more gorgeous. ibrows by Kelly have specialised treatments that have been put together using Kelly’s wealth of knowledge about these procedures, to provide you with beauty enhancing treatments.
  • Our goal is to ensure a safe approach to any treatments and protecting your skin is always the top priority. Kelly provides a relaxed friendly home studio, so you can enjoy your treatments while still being protected by all council, health and insurance regulations. Your safety comes first no matter which treatment you decide on.

Myths About Getting a Blush Lip Tattoo in Perth

The internet can sometimes be a frightening place where scare tactics are often used to put people off certain things. Kelly aims to make each client feel completely relaxed, so we have created a list of myths and truths about lip tattoos:

  • Myth: Lip tattoos are the same as cosmetic surgery.
    Fact: While there is nothing wrong with getting cosmetic surgery, it is a permanent alteration to the face or body. While blush lip tattoos can last for years, the effects will not last forever. Lip tattoos are also not nearly as invasive as full-on surgery, as no cuts are made and you definitely do not need to be put under anaesthesia for the procedure.
  • Myth: It will look fake and unnatural.
    Fact: Blush lip tattoos simply enhance what is naturally there, without causing permanent changes to the actual appearance of your mouth. Kelly simply brings back a natural-looking colour to your lips and defines the line of your lips. In the weeks after your treatment, the colour will fade and become a subtle lip tint.
  • Myth: It’s like getting a normal tattoo.
    Fact: A machine with a needle is used to place pigment into your skin, but the machine is different in many ways. The needle is much smaller, it operates at a different speed than a normal tattoo gun, the machine we use is much more delicate and the distribution of colour is quite different. It allows us to define small details in a very sensitive area.

Why You Can Trust ibrows by Kelly Regarding a Lip Tattoo in Perth

Kelly is highly trained and adheres to all safety rules and requirements. She will work with you to decide which colour is best for your skin tone and she will explain the entire treatment procedure to put you at ease.

Contact us today to book your lip tattoo appointment, or to ask absolutely any questions you may have about our business or our other services. Kelly is always happy to answer any questions you have.