Microblading in Perth

Microblading in Perth is in Demand and Offers Well-Defined Eyebrows

If you are looking for a semi-permanent, custom-made eyebrow tattoo in the Perth area, ibrows by Kelly is just for you.

Problems ibrows by Kelly Addresses

There are many things to consider before opting for microblading, at ibrows by Kelly you will be well informed and enabled to make an educated decision.

  • Age appropriate: As you age, your eyebrows naturally thin out. It is important to keep this in mind when going for microblading, as one size does not fit all. At ibrows by Kelly, we work with your existing hairline and colour to create a natural effect.
  • Trial: Once the microblading is done you need to live with it. We consult with you before microblading. We measure and draw the exact shape to determine what suits your face shape to ensure you will be happy with the result.
  • Appropriate skin type: As a dermal therapist, Kelly is pedantic in her analysis and recommendation; this enables us to be exceptional in the execution of the procedure. Oily skins are not well suited to the microblading process as colour tends to be weak and the effect may look blurry. Rosacea is a skin condition not suited to microblading as the skin tends to bleed excessively.

We are professional and ethical and always recommend what is best suited to you as an individual, even if that results in us not agreeing to perform a requested procedure. We prefer being honest and upfront, so that you are equipped to make decisions based on facts when you opt for an eyebrow tattoo in Perth.

What You Can Expect from ibrows by Kelly Regarding Brow Tattoos in Perth

We offer a professional setting, where all procedures are performed by a fully trained dermal therapist, who conducts professional eyebrow styling and brow tattoos in Perth.

  • Anaesthetic: To ensure you experience optimum comfort during the process, we apply anaesthetic cream before performing the procedure.
  • After-care: After the procedure, you may experience tingling, redness and swelling for a day or two and eyebrows will appear dark. None of these should cause you concern. Between five and ten days the colour will settle and fade to a more natural shade. The after-care products you will receive will ensure that the eyebrow does not dry out and help prevent infection.
  • Shedding: This is part of the process and at your retouch visit changes can be made to the shape, as well as the filling of areas that require modification after shedding.

About ibrows by Kelly

We have extensive experience in cosmetic and paramedical tattooing. Our dermal therapist, Kelly, is vastly experienced in all aspects of dermal therapy, cosmetic/paramedical tattooing and teaching. Relying on her industry experience and wealth of knowledge, Kelly provides professional treatments with a safe and sensitive approach, leaving your skin nurtured and protected.

With the online shop, ibrows by Kelly have brought their studio into your home, where you can shop at your leisure. Adding to this service is the online booking system, which allows you to schedule an appointment at any time for a visit to the studio, convenient to your schedule.

Contact us and let us help you enhance your natural beauty.