Laser Hair Removal in Perth

Experience Professional Laser Hair Removal in Perth with Kelly

Enjoy the benefits of powerful laser hair removal in Perth with SHR. Also known as Super Hair Removal, it combines laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) to give you a relatively painless hair removal treatment. SHR can remove hair ten times faster than regular hair removal treatments.

Myths About IPL Hair Removal in Perth

We have decided to debunk a few of the myths commonly associated with IPL hair removal, as rumours do spread on the internet and the only person you should really listen to is your technician, who is trained to do the procedure safely and effectively.

  • Myth: IPL is the same procedure as a laser treatment.
    Fact: IPL is actually a broad spectrum of light wavelengths instead of one single wavelength. This can minimise any skin damage risks by filtering the light to target specific chromosomes in your skin which can help to treat some skin conditions.
  • Myth: Due to the use of several wavelengths, recovery time is longer.
    Fact: Due to the number of wavelengths, the energy of IPL is diffused to a larger area of skin, which actually reduces the chance of injuries to upper layers of skin. By avoiding sunlight and using sunscreen, you can actually fit in an IPL session during your work lunch break.
  • Myth: Only one session of IPL is required.
    Fact: Depending on your skin and personal needs, IPL sessions can range from three to six sessions for facial treatments and six to twelve for effective hair removal. Kelly will let you know how many sessions are required for your needs.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of SHR Hair Removal in Perth

Here are a few tips for preparing for laser hair eradication in Perth, so that you can reap the full rewards of the treatment:

  • Avoid tanning in the sun, or fake tanners, for at least a month before your treatment. To avoid accidentally tanning or burning when you go outside, use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin. Going for your treatment during the winter months may also help as you are less likely to tan with long sleeves and long pants on.
  • Don’t pluck or wax as it can cause irritation within the hair follicles. Ask Kelly if you should shave a couple of days before your treatment as the follicles should be visible, but if the hair is too long it may be painful. We advise that you stick to the instructions of your technician 100% to get the best results.
  • Clean the treatment area and leave it completely free of lotion, perfume or cream. Even deodorant will have to be removed before your treatment. Take a shower and wash every inch with scent free soap, to ensure that your skin has been properly cleaned so there are no interferences with the treatment.

About ibrows by Kelly

Kelly has been running her business for years from her private, professional home studio. She focuses on eyebrow styling, cosmetic tattooing, IPL, skin needling and more. She believes that staying up to date on the latest research in the industry will make her a better technician, so she is always researching current techniques and treatments.

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