mesoestetic Cosmelan Treatment package


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Cosmelan is a new and safer alternative to other treatment modalities (IPL and Laser) and can be used effectively in ALL types of pigmentation, restoring the skin to its natural condition with even tone and brightness.

Cosmelan is the worlds leading treatments for pigmentation. Cosmelan is a topical treatment used to treat all types of pigmentation, from sun spots and freckles to stubborn hormonal melasma which is difficult to treat with other modalities. As a topical lightening and brightening procedure, Cosmelan is safe to use on all skin types including Asian and Indian skins which often have significant pigmentation that cannot be treated safety with other methods. It can be used in clients who’s pigmentation has not responded to other types of treatments.

Cosmelan can be used for many indications including:

Melasma (hormonal pigmentation)
Sun spots, lentigos and freckles
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pigment as a result of previous trauma, infection and other cosmetic procedures)
Scarring and discoloration from acne
Improvement in skin tone and texture
Overall brightening and refinement of the skin.

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